Land Dream Speaking Gigs
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What a MEDIA KIT really is, and how you can create one this week to set you apart from every other leader.

Specific resources to find real events in your area and abroad, tailored to your niche.

The exact templates you can copy and paste to secure your speaking spot at any event 

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Insider secrets that "the experts" don't want you to know...

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Meet the Author
Hanna Hermanson
Hanna Hermanson is the founder of Dream Life is Real Life, which educates and inspires by showing people what’s possible for their lives. We no longer need to wait for the lottery or retirement to “live the dream”.

The Dream Life Coaching programs have supported 1,000s of service-based entrepreneurs, teachers, mentors in creating actionable, simple business models that deliver financial results and personal fulfillment and the company is committed to helping other achieve their dreams through hiring remote staff and building legacy of philanthropy.

She is a digital nomad, a Forbes Coaches Council Member, the host of the Dream Life is Real Life Facebook group and podcast, AND she trains middle school students and teachers in her Dream Life Academy!